How are we going to live? The question is urgent, for ourselves as individuals and also in the collective sense. We feel an increasing pressure – from within and without – to alleviate our suffering and to be happier, but it's hard to know how to do it, or to what extent it's even possible. At the same time, it often feels like forces beyond our control are dramatically limiting our capacity for meaningful action, and diminishing the likelihood of obtaining the happiness we've expected – we've hoped – will finally greet us at the end of the struggle. The question becomes: how are we going to live now? What can we expect of ourselves, for ourselves, of each other?

In every context where it arises – anguish, illness, relationships, livelihood, the future – this is the question we use to explore what can be healed, how it might be done, how we are going to contend with moving forward, and how a life might be shaped into an answer.